Originally conceived as a podcast, it WAS quickly REALIZED that Vino Diesel was the worst podcast of all time, and HAS SINCE evolved into a talk show / pop up shop / wine tasting / unlistenable podcast / party hosted by Adam Pally.  Adam seeks to learn about wine from a sommelier, attempts sophisticated conversation with someone from the entertainment, business or fashion world, sells merch exclusively designed for each show, and jams out to music provided by his Cousin Ben who's never DJ'ed before and refuses to learn how.  It's unlike any other talk show experience out there as audience members are invited to come on stage, have a glass of wine, shop the collection and join in on the fun.

Witness as Poor Taste and Exceptional Taste work together.  There will be wine.  There will be merch.  There might be blood.


For any inquiries / returns please e-mail bs@clonewolfinc.com