Episode 1 - John Reynolds (Search Party), Isaiah Lester, Alex Alan (Freeks Mill), Big Assas

Photos by: Daniela Liben Pally

Pally introduces Vino Diesel, the podcast, with co-host & one half of the ModelBoyz contingent, Isaiah Lester.  We discuss the strip club scene in Atlanta with John Reynolds.  Alex Alan, the sommelier at Freeks Mill, educates us on wine.  Local NYC hip hop artist, Big Assas, performs.

Featured Wines:
1. White Wine
Producer: Tessa Laroche
Vintage: 2016
Grape: Chenin Blanc
Origin: Loire Valley, France

2. Orange Wine
Producer: Iago's Wine
Vintage: 2016
Grape: Chinuri
Origin: Metskheta, Republic of Georgia

3. Light Red
Producer: Jean-Claude Lapalu
Wine Name: La Croix de Rameaux
Vintage: 2013
Grape: Gamay
Origin: Brouilly, Cru Beaujolais, France

4. Heavy Red
Producer: Lagvinari
Vintage: 2011
Grape: Saperavi
Origin: Kakheti, Republic of Georgia